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About the Book

In Always a mum Funke writes with candour about her reflection, reaction to and reason for her baby loss experience. In an encouraging and easy to read format she addresses issues of motherhood in relation to loss, her fears about subsequent pregnancies, accessing support, faith and loss, living again after her loss and finding purpose in her pain.

About the Author

Funke Oham is passionate about women’s affairs. She has been involved in mentoring, coaching, and encouraging women to discover and maximise their potential. She spearheaded the concept for a Ladies Club in London, which she directs. A woman with a large spirit to support, speak the right words to soothe broken hearts, and stand by those in pain, Funke raises awareness and campaigns on maternal and neonatal issues based on her own baby loss experience. She serves in a leadership capacity in her church and lives with her husband Charles and their two boys.


Thank you for putting the words in this book together. I’m a baby loss survivor! I’m encouraged and inspired.

Your book has been of tremendous blessing to me, thanks a lot.

I just wanted to let you know I read your book the same day I got it; cover to cover. I really enjoyed it and was touched by your honesty and vulnerability. I am sure it is going to bless many women who have had similar experiences to you. I am sure you will get many fantastic testimonies. Thanks for being brave enough to share your journey.

I just finished reading your book and it has really opened my eyes to a lot of things.

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