To cut or not to cut others off!

Trying for a baby before and after my losses was a really difficult time in my life. I just could not   understand how ‘others’ supposedly could decide when they wanted to have babies and they did so successfully and here I was after two pregnancies I had no baby to show for it.

I am eternally grateful that not once did my in-laws ask us what was going on. This indeed took off any additional pressure. Instead they were praying for us and likewise my parents (and I am sure other family members and friends).

However I tried to keep communication lines short and sweet with some people who may venture down the route of asking me what was going on with children. Indirectly, I also cut family and friends off by not letting them know ‘on time’ I was expecting as I just thought it better that way. I remember some people were not too happy when I told them between months four and six then there was a baby on the way. But after our first loss, I consciously decided to tell no one until the pregnancy had progressed to a certain time. I only informed our families when I was five and a half months pregnant with Faith and it was only then that those who met me in person realised I was pregnant. And alas less than two weeks after sharing our good news, Faith was gone in a flash. I then made up my mind I would not inform others until very late in future pregnancies or after the birth of our babies.  For the subsequent pregnancies I had to undergo a procedure that could possibly lead to the death of my babies right in theatre or afterwards. Although the procedure was meant to ensure I did not have a premature birth again it had its associated risks. It was a real dilemma. We did not want to make a wrong choice. Anyway after prayer and weighing our options carefully we decided to go for the procedure and thank God it worked for us. So in my situation, I felt it better not to inform others until the end of this journey.

The day I told my dad we lost Faith, the first thing he said was not again. Just hearing those words brought great sadness (temporary) and I decided it is best to only tell people who knew about my second pregnancy about what had taken place. I thought my dad was the stronger one and he would relay the news to my mum. He could not and handed the phone to her, so I had to tell her myself which was very hard. Sometimes people got upset that I did not tell them about my pregnancies but the reality was there was so much I was dealing with and I could not couple that with unintentional unhelpful comments.

Some things I was told that was meant to bring comfort actually did not. For instance, some people told me after we lost Isaac, that I should not worry that God would give me more children. At that point, more children was not what was on my mind, it was my loss of that child. As every child is unique, he/she is irreplaceable. As an African, some people believe in my culture that when bad things happen it may be that someone you know is the cause of it. It got to a point I nearly became paranoid. I began to think perhaps it is this person or that person that is behind my misfortune and I cut them off. Thank God that I have a heavenly father. He whispered and told me one day, the whole world cannot be after you, so stop suspecting this person or that person. He made me realise that I am the apple of His eyes, therefore He has my back. What a relief and deliverance for my troubled mind. But this did not happen automatically. I had to remind myself through God’s word (meditation) and build my faith to combat every negative thought, pregnancy complication and plan of the enemy. I knew as a result of my Christian faith that even if someone actually had ‘evil’ plans against me and my babies, it cannot work and I was confident and happy to sit and dine with them.

On the other hand, I believe it is beneficial to open up. Some of the people in our lives were instrumental in praying for us, giving practical advice, encouraging us and signposting us to a senior Consultant in another Hospital that took care of me during Faith’s pregnancy. From experience I also found out it can be awkward when informing others about the bundle of joys I subsequently had and inviting them to celebrate with us when they had not been a part of my world.

Thank God for good friends and family that still forgave me even when I chose not to involve them. In some cases, we may need to restrict the amount of information we share with others because of the situation at present. However we can avoid cutting others off.

So, what do you think? With God on our side like this, how can we lose? Romans 8: 31

4 thoughts on “To cut or not to cut others off!

  1. Beautiful piece u have here dear, it’s so inspiring.. though ‘ve not been there before, but can appreciate fellow mums who have. Thank God for many mercies.

  2. Good piece. Yes he already told us dat no weapon fashioned against us will prosper so no one can harm us as born again christian although we forget that a lot. Yes its true we need to cut off all the negative people and I suppose the telling only when the preg is obvious…A lot of sympathizers often just mock in the end. Imagine I was told I had a preterm baby because I had a society wedding… So our culture is just funny. A lovely piece keep up the good work!.

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