Bad things also happen to good people

As a Christian I was totally unprepared when ‘death’ came knocking. I never imagined in my lifetime I would ever bury my own children. I remember someone telling my husband, we did not deserve what happened to us as we were such a lovely couple (Committed Christians). I have come to the conclusion no one deserves to lose a child whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

Despite my frail state a few weeks after Isaac’s birth, I decided to take time out to pray and fast. I had to know what was going on and get answers to the many questions swirling in my head. Although I did not get all the answers I was seeking, the understanding I acquired set me free (to an extent, more about that later).


Some Insights gained

  • Even Christians experience pain and in some cases it has nothing to do with sin
  • My reaction to ‘bad’ things reveals my maturity
  • My commitment to God and love for Him should not dwindle even when things don’t seem to make sense
  • This world is not my home
  • All things would work together for my good in the end
  • Despite losing my son, overwhelming victory is mine through Christ who loves me
  • Not accomplishing my assignment on earth by the time I am called home is worse than death


From my teenage years, I had always being afraid of ‘death’. My maternal grandmother died when my mum was 13. For some reason, I always had this fear that my mum too would die when I was around that age. Well, she did not. Thank God. But that dread of death remained. But after losing Faith, the hold of death was broken. I found out it was nothing to be afraid of and God has the power of life and death. I could then boldly say to the enemy ‘try me.’

I knew without a doubt, I would have and celebrate with living children. However I made a conscious decision that nothing would separate me from God’s love – neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither my fears of today nor my worries about tomorrow – not even the powers of hell (Romans 8: 38).

So, are you going to follow Him irrespective of the ‘bad’ things that happen in your life?



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